Ismo Railisson by B.1derful™


This is Ismo. A producer of arts and of opportunities for art. A well-known character in our region, who moves vertically and horizontally in our community, filling the gaps with artistic content, whether that is music or other artistic expressions. This guy’s a fascinating doer in corridors normally populated by bureaucrats. Controversial, likable, and a very nice chat should you ever have the opportunity to converse with him. A traveler of the continents, and a marveller of Vietnamese pop music. Catch him while he’s fixing the electrics on his Saab 93 on the parking lot in downtown Strängnäs.

Note. This is part of a series of portraits called Garagefoto i Finninge. It is my rendition in black and white of the persons living and/or making a living in the town where I live, Strängnäs, Sweden.