This is Jens. He is a connoisseur of comic books and strips, and the nicest guy you are likely to meet. He is an award-winning graphic designer and a publisher, running his own design firm (Bok & Form) as well as publishing house (Sanatorium Förlag), issuing titles of his favorite author and cartoonist Edward Gorey whenever he gets the opportunity. Jens is a guy of wit and has a soft spot for imported and off-the-charts beer. On the issue of how the present pandemic affects his endeavors as a graphic designer, his laconic answer is that now he has to check his computer (e-mail?) during summer vacation, pre-corona it was more of an option. You will find him looking for vintage books with cover designs made by Douglas Dent in our local thrift stores.

Note. This is part of a series of portraits called Garagefoto i Finninge. It is my rendition in black and white of the persons living and/or making a living in the town where I live, Strängnäs, Sweden.