I got a text. “Can’t we make a shoot tomorrow? It’s so beautiful outside.” And right she was Irina. The picturesque forest all dressed up in the best of winter parkas was perfect for a shoot. So, with a couple of second-hand garments and a smile we had a go last Saturday outside of her favored church, Pingstkyrkan in Strängnäs.
The pictures were made on the fly. I brought my two favorite lenses, the Nikkor 85/1.8G and the older 180/2.8ED alongside a new purchase the 24-70/2.8ED zoom. All of them are great performers, yet the lightweight 85 is such a great lens as it is sharp and fast, just perfect on my Nikon D700, doing well adapted on my Fujifilm X-T1. Both these cameras are known to have sensors producing great skin tones and rendering colors well. Albeit they are a few years old, they still produce extraordinary results.
Enjoy and as always – feedback is welcomed with gratitude!

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