I’ve been fascinated by photography since an early age. My father had a Kodak camera which I held in my hands and took pictures (the shots of course never to be developed as they were blind ones, but still engaging in composing and mastering the mechanics of photo shooting).

In my early teens, I picked up my interest as I got an old Petri SLR camera from my father, which probably was given to him by one of his customers in a barter, common among the Greek community where I grew up.

During my adolescence, I joined the local photo society, (most of the members were old men) and learned how to develop black and white film, enlarge prints and frame them. I even had a little private photo lab in our second bathroom of our flat, where a Durst B30 tooled me further into becoming a photo maker.

In secondary school, I had a fellow classmate Thomas, how also had a big interest in photography. We ran our school’s photo lab and made thousands of pictures in it. Eventually, we applied for higher studies in photography. My friend got admitted and I failed to, but that didn’t keep me from working with photography.

Some recent pictures are shown here. I enjoy my Nikon D700 with a manual “pancake” 50mm 1:1.8 lens which I bought second hand with no mileage on it.
A great buy!