This is Vrej Wartan, a serial entrepreneur in the restaurant industry, at present running the popular pizza joint Jerv (that is Vrej spelled backwards) in downtown Strängnäs. A guy most of us know as he often has a smile for everyone, as well as a mindset of hospitality, kindness, and friendship. His and his partner Ted’s pizza, inspired by the white ones made in Naples, Italy, is by far the best dish you can get on any given night in our small town. This is a man who loves the arts, wines, and good music. A friend of friends. Follow Jerv’s latest pizza menu on Instagram @jervpizzabar.

Note. This is part of a series of portraits called Garagefoto i Finninge. It is my rendition in black and white of the persons living in the town where I live, Strängnäs, Sweden.